New York Thought: Smart Things to Do in NYC This Weekend

Buffy, Wolf Blitzer, and a MoMA Mardi Gras highlight our picks for the best smart things to do in NYC this weekend.

Friday, February 24

Insight into “Good Germans” and our deference to authority, as revealed by the Milgram Experiment, may provide an intriguing key to a popular new show. Learn more at Transparent Isn’t So Transparent: What the Hit Show Reveals About Rigid Social Structures. The Strand.

It’s been a high-profile run for con men of late. Professor Edward Balleisen looks at fraud in America from P. T. Barnum through Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff, with parallel attention paid to the efforts to combat it. 92nd Street Y.

Saturday, February 25

Take a trolley tour through Brooklyn’s African-American past at this event offered in conjunction with the Weeksville Heritage Center. Green-Wood Cemetery.

Clips and conversation will illuminate a radical feminist’s take on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Modern patriarchy, capitalism, and good and evil will all be explored.

Sunday, February 26

Go off the air at this event with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer as he discusses his own Jewish heritage. Temple Emanu-El.

Serve as the jury as an Apollo Theater Town Hall event examines The Case of the N-Word.

Celebrate Fat Tuesday at the Museum of Modern Art with live music, costumes, and a special viewing of Francis Picabia: Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction. For your troubles, you’ll get a souvenir Damien Davis mask to take home.

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