Livestream Talks on COVID-19/Coronavirus

Stay informed about the latest on the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and prepare for the changed world to come with these upcoming livestream talks and lectures. Experts will consider the crisis from dozens of angles, running from architecture to science to considerations of “the other.”

Some of the first and most obvious impacts of the post-coronavirus world will be in economies. Tuesday, April 14th, Asia Society will host a morning webcast looking at what’s to come in China, the rest of Asia, and the balance of the world. On Thursday, April 16th, Asia Society returns to focus on coronavirus consequences in South Asia.On Wednesday, April 22nd, join the New York Academy of Sciences and an expert panel for a livestream look at the impact of COVID-19. Slowed growth in China and other government, economic, and public health issues will be covered.

As the crisis exposes inequality and lack of preparedness in this country, join Think Olio on Friday, April 10th to learn more about Modern Monetary Theory and the Public Purse. On Thursday, April 16th join authors Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn as they present their new book, Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope, and the way long-standing crises like addiction and poverty are coming into play during the epidemic.

Data is already revealing the way marginal communities will be hurt by the coronavirus the worst. On Friday, April 10th, Transit Center will host the first of two sessions that ask “How can we protect transit workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic?” Immigrants are serving so many crucial roles in the crisis—from deliveries to ERs. On Tuesday, April 14th, join the New School for a look at Why Immigrant Workers Are Especially Vulnerable to COVID-19. On Friday, April 10th the New School hosts Miriam Ticktin, Associate Professor of Anthropology at The New School for Social Research, to discuss her recent article Coronavirus Cannot Become an Excuse to Label Groups of People ‘Invasive’.

In a rare bit of silver lining, Saudi Arabia has declared a cease fire in Yemen. Still, war-plagued areas of the globe will be especially stressed by the coronavirus. On Tuesday, April 21st, join Columbia University for a panel on COVID-19 in Conflict: What to Expect? And What Can be Done? Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haasson Wednesday, May 20th talks the current state of the world—how we got here, and how COVID-19 may play out globally—as he presents his new book, The World: A Brief Introduction.

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash.

Quarantine puts a strain on everyone. Think Olio will be providing a community service on Tuesday, April 14th, as they offer Counseling During Isolation with long-standing Olio professor and social worker by trade Patricia Kim. Being inside can buffer us from the urgent scenes taking place in the city, however. On Saturday, April 11th Caveat hosts a special livestream edition of Doctors Without Boundaries with real-live ER doctors sharing an insider’s view of the situation.

Photo by Benjamin Suter on Unsplash.

As we all long to get our city back, join the Center for Architecture on Tuesday, April 14th, as a panel talks about Architectural Storytelling in a Time of Crisis.

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