Walking in a Winter Wonderland: Upcoming NYC Tours

By Alison Durkee

While the cold weather may make staying indoors enticing, there’re still plenty of reasons to bundle up and learn more about NYC. Get a deeper look at the city and its institutions this winter with these upcoming walks and tours.

Image: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York/Flickr

Artistic Adventures: New York City’s art scene goes far beyond MoMA and The Met. See what the city’s smaller galleries have to offer on gallery tours of the Lower East Side (January 20) and Chelsea (January 27), or take a stroll down 57th Street on February 3 to discover Midtown’s galleries and public art. And you don’t even have to be above ground to appreciate the city’s art – join the Municipal Art Society as they take a tour of subway art from the Financial District to the Bronx on January 28. On January 18, get a special look at one specific art exhibition, reVISION at the Edison Price Lighting Gallery, on a lighting technique tour exploring common art lighting needs and techniques.

Chanin Building Interior. Tim Evanson/Flickr.

The Great Indoors: When it comes to winter in New York, sometimes it’s best to stay inside – but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the city. Join the New York Adventure Club as they get in-depth looks at some of the most exclusive places in the city, including City Hall (January 23); the Roosevelt Townhouse (January 20), which Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt and daughter Sara once called home; and the members-only Players Club (February 2). Untapped Cities will also offer exclusive looks at the city’s icons, as the group offers tours of Grand Central Terminal and its secrets on Saturdays throughout the winter, as well as a VIP look at the Woolworth Building on February 10. Architecture fans can get a peek at some of the city’s Art Deco design from the inside this winter as the Municipal Art Society offers a tour of Art Deco interiors on February 4.

Historical Haunts: New York City’s streets hold plenty of history, and there’s much to discover on walking tours this winter. With immigration in the national spotlight, explore where German immigrants made their home in the mid-1800s on a tour centering on German Immigration in the East Village (February 4), or see a lesser-known part of the port immigrants traveled through on a hard hat tour of Ellis Island’s abandoned hospital (above) on weekends throughout the winter. Of course, President’s Day is also coming up, and New Yorkers can spend the February 19 holiday channeling George Washington and the Founding Fathers on a Revolutionary New York tour, or walk in the footsteps of former president Abraham Lincoln on a tour marking the Great Emancipator’s birthday (February 10).

Black History Month: With Martin Luther King, Jr., Day just behind us and Black History Month on the horizon, there’s also no better time to appreciate the history of the African-Americans who have called New York City home. Harlem has historically been the epicenter of African-American culture in the city, and New Yorkers can explore the neighborhood’s rich culture and legacy on tours taking place throughout February. Of course, New York City’s historical black culture goes far beyond the streets of Harlem. Discover the 19th century black community in modern-day Chelsea – then known as The Tenderloin – on a tour on February 18, or head to Brooklyn for a look at the borough’s 19th century black history on a tour of downtown Brooklyn taking place February 17.

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