Holocaust Survivor Sami Steigmann on The Motivation Show

Listen to one of the most riveting podcast interviews on the  HolocaustSami Steigmann is one of the youngest survivors still alive today. He lost a lot of his family in the Holocaust and he was a victim of Nazi experimentation on children and still suffers searing pain today from 78 years ago.

Has he let these experiences steal his joy? Is he a bitter man? Did he ever step foot back again in Germany and does he harbor resentment? Does he have a message of hope for all of us to learn from? Can we be truly happy despite the worst of experiences?

If you want to hear a message of resilience and hope from one of the worst experiences imaginable, tune into The Motivation Show podcast hosted by Eli Marcus.

Olympic Legend Scott Hamilton on The Motivation Show

Scott Hamilton electrified the world in the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics by defying the odds and winning the Olympic Gold Medal in Men’s Figure Skating. Those odds? Scott was plagued by a childhood illness that stunted his growth—at the peak of his amateur career he was 5 feet 2.5 inches and weighed 108 lbs.  He was diagnosed with cancer in 1997, overcame that, and suffered from three brain tumors. Despite these extraordinary roadblocks, Scott is remarkably an eternal optimist who focuses on the good.

In this exclusive interview on The Motivation Show podcast hosted by Eli Marcus, Scott reveals why his outlook is so rosy when others would be crushed. He also talks about why it is so important to win and what that does for yourself and for the world.

If this interview doesn’t motivate and inspire you, nothing will!

The Courage to Change Everything Summit

By Tony D’Urso
Host, The Tony DUrso Show

I know at this very moment you can achieve extraordinary feats by harnessing the unlimited power of courage.

I know this because I have used courage to transform every part of my life and the lives of my clients.

Did you know that the results of applying daily courage have been nothing short of extraordinary. Why?

Because your history does not have to be your destiny. You can tap into higher states of consciousness, and with courage, rewrite the scripts you are running in your mind.

To that end, we brought together 45 of the most courageous people in know to help you Master every area of your business and life with The Courage to Change Everything Summit. The Summit, which takes place on Saturday, January 23rd, is featuring NY Times Best Selling Authors, Steven MR Covey, Sharon Lechter, Dr. Ken Druck, Marci Shimoff, Bill Treasure, Debra Poneman, and many more; Hollywood Star Natalie Popovich, Blue Angel Solo Pilot John Foley, Health and Life Style teacher Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Publicists Jill Lublin and Michelle Nicholson, International explorer Werner Berger and high profile experts In the fields of business, health, relationship, finance, and Health and Life Style all committed to supporting you in up-leveling your business and life in 2021.

This Summit is designed exclusively for those experiencing any of the following:
    1.    Your income is stagnant or declining.
    2.    You often feel frustrated and powerless.
    3.    You make choices you later regret.
    4.    You keep putting your dreams on hold.
    5.    You feel less than or even superior to others.
    6.    You lack energy or enthusiasm
    7.    You pretend everything is okay, even when it really isn’t.

If you are ready to have 2021 be an amazing year and generate more health, wealth, and happiness, then sign up for the summit today. Complimentary tickets are available, but seating is limited.

Get your Ticket now! https://t2m.io/hGPUvM7

See you there,
Tony D’Urso
Host, The Tony DUrso Show

How to Contact a Celebrity

Founded in 1996 by Jordan McAuley, Contact Any Celebrity has built a reputation as the most trusted source of accurate celebrity contact information for today’s leading nonprofits, authors, entrepreneurs, marketers, publicists, event planners, and the media. (See a list of Famous Clients here.)

After graduating from film school at the University of Miami, McAuley moved to Hollywood, where he worked at a movie production company and a Beverly Hills talent agency as an agent’s assistant.

These experiences, combined with working at a modeling agency in South Beach and in CNN and Turner Entertainment’s public relations departments, provided him with insider knowledge on the best ways to contact celebrities and get past their gatekeepers.

For over 20 years, Contact Any Celebrity’s team has cultivated personal relationships with celebrity assistants, agents, managers, and publicists, granting its members unprecedented access to nearly 60,000 highly sought celebrity contacts worldwide.

Contact Any Celebrity’s quick Private Online Database uses “Dynamic Lookup Technology” to provide its members with the verified mailing address, agent, manager, publicist, production company, and charitable cause for 59,000+ celebrities worldwide, plus the phone, fax, and email addresses for 13,000+ celebrity representatives and 7,000+ entertainment companies.

Jordan is the author of the bestselling Celebrity Black Book: Over 50,000 Celebrity AddressesSecrets to Contacting Celebrities: 101 Ways to Reach the Rich & FamousCelebrity Leverage: Insider Secrets to Getting Celebrity Endorsements, Instant Credibility & Star-Powered PublicityHelp from Hollywood: How to Hold a Celebrity Autograph Auction and The Lost Secrets of Fame & Fortune: How to Get – and Keep – Everything You Desire (available at Amazon & Barnes & Noble).

Follow Contact Any Celebrity on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Find McAuley on AmazonFacebookInstagramLinkedInBarnes & Noble, Snapchat (jmcauley77) and Twitter.

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