The Motivation Show Interviews John Lennon’s Lover May Pang

May Pang had intimate insights into John Lennon that few people experienced.    She was Lennon’s lover during what has become known as the infamous “Lost Weekend” lasting 18 months from late 1973 through 1975. In the exclusive interview this week with her on The Motivation Show podcast, we discussed their brief, unusual & highly publicized relationship.  What kind of person in fact was John?  Surly, I asked?  “Not at all, he was really easy going,” Pang says.  They almost bought a home together in Montauk…who knew that?    One day in the east side apartment they lived in, the doorbell rings.  Who could it be?   “Who even knows we are here since we just moved in,” Pang muses.  Paul and Linda McCartney just popped in!   So much for the theory that Paul and John were not on speaking terms after The Beatles split.    How did she meet John?    Pang was looking for a job at Apple Records and viola…that was the record label founded by The Beatles in 1968…and the rest is history as she became John and Yoko’s personal assistant.   Pang’s fondest memories of Lennon?  A song that John wrote for her on the album: Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox). 

Pang who is also a photographer, took candid photos of Lennon in a comfortable, relaxed environment.   A collection of these private photographs, which were lying dormant for so many years, were newly discovered by Pang and will be on display in various cities.  The exhibition entitled, “The Lost Weekend – The Photography of May Pang” coincides with the feature film documentary “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” that premieres in theaters beginning April 13th. 

Billed as “a weekend that lasted 18 months and a love story that took 50 years to tell,” THE LOST WEEKEND: A LOVE STORY (from Iconic Releasing) explores that 18-month relationship spanning 1973 to 1975 that May Pang enjoyed with John, his Chinese American assistant turned lover (according to Pang, on Yoko’s insistence which she later regretted). John had a very artistically and commercially productive period post-Beatles during the Pang relationship—with the albums “Mind Games,” “Walls and Bridges,” which included his only #1 Hit Single “Whatever Gets You Through the Night,” “Rock and Roll” and collaborations with Elton John, David Bowie, Harry Nilsson, Mick Jagger, and Ringo among others. Also, on that album Pang can be heard on the song “#9 Dream” where she whispers John’s name in the song.  As a typically naïve 22-year-old navigating her first unforgettable love, Pang revisits that younger self, and reveals what that was like.

Pang says John even asked her what she thought of Paul and John starting to write together.  Pang told John she thought that was a good idea.  Holy cow…just imagine how that would have turned out and how many more millions of record sales that would have resulted in!   With Pang encouraging Lennon to reconnect with his family and his friends, it ultimately led to a brief reunion with Paul McCartney and a memorable jam session between the iconic Beatles writing dup.. Pang also says she arranged a reunion with Julian Lennon and his father after three years.  One of Pang’s photographs of Julian Lennon graces the cover of Julian’s latest album entitled “Jude.” 

“The Lost Weekend – The Photography of May Pang” exhibition provides fans a rare opportunity to view John Lennon through another lens of someone who knew him intimately during one of the most creative periods of his life. Pang’s photos will be on display and available to purchase for these two weekend days only. This your chance to meet May Pang who will be signing copies of her fine art photographs for customers at City Winery NYC, 25 11th Avenue (at 15th Street), Saturday, April 8 and Sunday, April 9.

Admission to the exhibit is free to the public and all works are available to purchase. Advance tickets to the film premiere screening are on sale now at: Watch the trailer here: On Sunday at City Winery, the fabulous Beatles band “Strawberry Fields” will be performing their weekly Ultimate Beatles Brunch concert at noon (admission required, tickets available at so two great reasons to stop in!

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