• Things to Do in New York in November: Events for Each Day This Month

    It's a fraught season with the election looming, but there are opportunities for electoral insight on both sides of the big day. We're also looking forward to appearances by Noam Chomsky, Margaret Atwood, and Carlo Rovelli. Read more »
  • Virtual Talks, Lectures, and Performances This Week

    We've got some livestreams for the week to keep you informed and entertained—across talks, lectures, and performances. We're especially looking forward to evenings with Michael Sandel, Siddhartha Mukherjee, and Gloria Steinem.

    Read more »
  • Your Smarter Halloween in NYC

    Although we'll be missing the annual Halloween parade this year, there is still plenty of spooky action going on across the city. Read on for the best of virtual activities—plus a few in person alternatives—covering All Hallows' Eve and El Dia de los Muertos. Read more »
  • Virtual Culture This Weekend

    See our complete list of talks and lectures here.

    Beyond things to do in the virtual realm this weekend, keep up with all kinds of talks, lectures and activities all month long. Sign up for Thought Gallery's weekly Curriculum, the best of smart quarantine culture delivered right to your inbox.

    Read more »
  • Election Fever: Upcoming Talks Around Politics

    By Ethan Wolff

    We are less 18 days out from an election with incalculable ramifications for the future of the republic. The roster of political talks in the coming days runs deep (and there are some post-election wrap ups as we process what is sure to be an exhausting three weeks). Read more »

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