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‘The Age of Radiance’ Author on the Truths of the Atomic Age

by Craig Nelson

The oddest thing I discovered in researching my history of the Atomic Age was that all us human beings are radioactive and, every time we draw nigh, we irradiate each other. Could it be that the subatomic particles and gamma rays flowing between our bodies combine with the odor of our pheromones to produce human chemistry?  Read more

Love Your Enemies: A Talk with Robert Thurman & Sharon Stalzberg, Moderated by Uma Thurman

In an evening at the 92nd Street Y, Robert Thurman and Sharon Stalzberg will explain how and why “anger” and “hatred” become addictive. Moderated by Uma Thurman, the talk will examine why these emotions are destructive and how to use our most unpleasant feelings to turn the key to becoming whole and happy. Read more