Fotografiska New York: A New Photography Venue from Sweden

By Mari Gold

An outpost from the museum in Stockholm, Sweden, Fotografiska is a sleek new location for seeing photography. At 281 Park Avenue South in the Flatiron District, the six-floor space has three floors of exhibition space, vaulted ceilings, skylights, and a stunning dining room/bar/café. 

The opening exhibit starting December 14th shows the work of five acclaimed photographers. Devotion! 30 Years of Photographing Women by Ellen von Unwerth focuses on emotional expressions: Play, Gender, Drama, Love, Power, Passion and Lust.

Tawny Chatom takes photographs and adds other elements: paint, digital collage, illustration and gold leaf, sometimes replacing a subject’s eyes with those of another person.

Helene Schmitz’s work explores large-scale disturbances caused by humans on landscapes in places like Sweden and Iceland.

Israeli Adi Nes produces work that touches on the collective Israeli memory and also homoeroticism. The exhibition, titled Testaments, presents three of Adi Nes’ most significant series of photographs: Soldier Series (1994-2000), Biblical Stories (2004-2007) and The Village (2013).

Anastasia Taylor-Lind is an English/Swedish photojournalist whose work looks at issues relating to women, violence and war. Her exhibit documents the lives of women in New York City with looks at mothers, grandmothers, nannies, babysitters, night-nurses and daycare workers.

Fotografiska is an internationally renowned destination for photography. Since opening in 2010, Fotografiska has established itself as a haven of innovation and free expression, where the presentation of photography is powerful, unparalleled and includes over 200 exhibitions to date. The New York location is located at 281 Park Ave. South,