New Book Explores the Power of Friendship

The friendship of a pair of psychologists must provide some of the most fertile ground for understanding a bond.

It’s certainly the case with Dr. Wendy Rapaport and Dr. Sanda Bernstein, who have been friends for coming up on half a century now. These two highly respected clinical psychologists share their story in a new book, Friendship Matters, which has an official launch date of March 6, 2017.

Friendship Matters takes on the meaning of friendship through the complexities of maintaining closeness over the decades. The result combines “memoir, life lessons and laughter,” with insight into better understandingand strengtheningthese relationships.

Authors Rapaport and Bernstein use their years of clinical practice, postdoctoral training, and applied research in the effort to prioritize relationships in enhancing mental and physical health. In Friendship Matters they use the example of their own friendship to explore the power of this connection, especially as it manifests against the milestones and challenges of “marriage, divorce, parenting, career changes, financial challenges, illness, loss, growth, uncertainty, elation and much more.”

Friendship Matters: memoir, life lessons, laughter is available on Amazon.