• scent stories

    New York Thought: Smart Things to Do in NYC This Week

    Love and existentialism, cursed gems and a tour of a private scent vault highlight our picks for the smart things to do in NYC this week. Read more »
  • september calendar

    The September Calendar: Events for Each Day This Month

    By Troy Segal

    Forget spring as the season of rebirth: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall,” to quote F. Scott Fitzgerald. To prove the point, check out our guide to the top talks, tours, screenings and other things to do in NYC in September, perfect for complementing your calendar. Read more »
  • stellar.death.nyc

    New York Thought: Smart Things to Do in NYC This Weekend

    A Japanese culture fest, Isabella Rossellini introducing Casablanca and stellar death from the deck of a battleship highlight our picks for the best smart things to do in NYC this weekend. Read more »
  • classical new york events

    The Classics: Greece, Rome and the Ancient World in NYC

    By Troy Segal

    Don't be misled by the phrase “oh, that’s ancient history.” Despite the distance of the centuries, aspects of Greece, Rome and other bygone civilizations can prove fascinatingly apt for our modern age—as shown by these antiquity-related talks, screenings and events coming to NYC. Read more »
  • flatiron new york

    Iconic New York: Capturing the Essence of NYC

    By Troy Segal

    “I'm bound to say that New York's a topping place to be exiled in,” P.G. Wodehouse once claimed. If you happen to be feeling exiled in an emptying city during these summer days, don’t sweat it. Embrace it, with activities in and/or centering on buildings, places and institutions that capture the essence of the city. Our town may seem quiet—but it never sleeps. Read more »