• brooklyn-900

    Brooklyn Bound: 6 Reasons to Go Over the River This Summer

    By Troy Segal

    Brooklyn was one of the biggest, most sophisticated metropolises in the U.S. before it became part of New York City on Jan. 1, 1898 — a date that lives in infamy, some old-timers say. Ah, but the borough has had the last laugh; it’s been flourishing for the last few years. Here are some special festivals, events, and screenings coming up in BK. Read more »
  • federal-hall-900a

    Hail to the Chief: Six President-Themed Events

    By Troy Segal

    Ever since George Washington was inaugurated on a Federal Hall balcony above Wall Street, New York City has always kept a keen eye on the President, and on presidential politics. Discover some new takes on the men who have been our nation’s Commander-in-Chief throughout New York City this summer. Read more »
  • eastern-900

    Eastern Influences: 7 Asian-Themed Events Around NYC

    By Troy Segal

    Rudyard Kipling was wrong: East and West can meet — and they’re doing so daily, in events all over New York City. Explore some fascinating aspects of Asian culture, from Chinese cooking to Indian dance, with these talks, activities, and tours in the weeks ahead. Read more »
  • outer-borough-900ba

    The Outer Limits: Events Around the Boroughs of NYC

    By Troy Segal

    Yes, we know Manhattan claims to be the center of the NYC universe. But in fact, a lot of fascinating talks, screenings, and activities unfold constantly in the other four boroughs — and even the islands — of our fair city. Here’s a sampler of some in the upcoming weeks that should tempt even the most entrenched Manhattanite. Read more »
  • tours-900

    Take a Hike! Five Fab Walking Tours Around NYC

    By Troy Segal

    It’s time to go for a walk around New York City. Whether your interest runs to the ecclesiastical institutions or entrepreneurial investors, these upcoming foot tours can teach even lifetime New Yorkers a thing or two about their city. Read more »