The June Calendar: Events for Each Day This Month

By Alison Durkee

June is bustin’ out all over—and it’s filled with events that will start your summer off right. Spend the month taking in these wide-ranging talks and events, which span everything from the Summer of Love to Seinfeld.

Thursday, June 1: Persist at this World Science Festival event on Women in Science with neuroscientist and Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik. Ace Hotel.

Friday, June 2: Feel alive at Engineering Immortality?, an event exploring the science behind our expanding life spans and the consequences of immortality. NYU Global Center.

Saturday, June 3: Hearken to professor of behavioral and evolutionary biology Kevin Laland as he speaks on “How Culture Transformed Human Evolution,” a look at animal traditions, humanity’s rise from scavenger apes, and the unique qualities of “intelligence, language, teaching, and cooperation” that make us human. Jefferson Market Library.

Exhibition view of The Arcades: Contemporary Art and Walter Benjamin at The Jewish Museum, NY

Sunday, June 4: Tap into your inner flâneur and stroll to The Jewish Museum for Paris Capital of the 19th Century / New York Capital of the 20th Century, a day of artistic collaborations inspired by Walter Benjamin’s The Arcades Project.

Monday, June 5: Stave off vampires at this lecture on the surprising history of garlic, from its medicinal past to flavorful present. The New York Academy of Medicine.

Tuesday, June 6: Spend a day in the life at All You Need is the Summer of Love, a conversation on 1967 and its soundtrack, including The Beatles’ landmark live telecast. Paley Center for Media.

Wednesday, June 7: Make a snap judgment on Alexander Todorov, who explains why we put so much stock in our quick reads of faces—and why we’re so often wrong. The latest in psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and computer science help tell the story. (So does award-winning actress Ellen Burstyn.) Rubin Museum of Art.

Thursday, June 8: Head down to the water at the Queer History of Brooklyn’s Waterfront, which explores the area’s LGBT population from the 1800s through the postwar era. Brooklyn Historical Society.

Friday, June 9: Control your temper at Mad in America, a discussion on the nation’s collective madness and what we can do about it. NYU School of Law.

Saturday, June 10: “Go-wan” and explore one of Brooklyn’s less-heralded areas on this walking tour down the Gowanus Canal. Prospect Heights Brainery.

Sunday, June 11: Say hola to a new perspective on our southern neighbor at this discussion of Mexico’s political and societal transformations over the past 30 years. 92nd Street Y.

Monday, June 12: Go beyond the frontlines at GRUNT: The Curious Science of Humans at War, which delves into the lesser-seen aspect of war: staying alive. The New York Academy of Medicine.

Tuesday, June 13: Be a bad feminist at this discussion with author Roxane Gay on her latest book, Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body. Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).

Wednesday, June 14: There’s no soup for you at Psychoanalyzing Seinfeld, a discussion with Sherry Amatenstein and Jennifer Keishin Armstrong on their recent books and the many neuroses of the famed sitcom’s characters. Book Culture.

Thursday, June 15: Get on the beat at this discussion with legendary composer Philip Glass in honor of his 80th birthday. New York Public Library – Stephen A. Schwartzman Building.

Friday, June 16: Walk the path with Way of the Peaceful Warrior author Dan Millman, who presents teachings from the sequel, The Hidden School. New York Open Center.

Saturday, June 17: Fight against the Hellmouth at What Would Buffy Do?, a critical look at Joss Whedon’s groundbreaking show and the feminism of its titular character. The Footlight Bar.

Sunday, June 18: Stay healthy for this hardhat tour of Ellis Island’s hospital complex, which has sat abandoned for over 60 years. New York Adventure Club.

Monday, June 19: Make an exception for Exceptional America: What Divides Americans From the World and Each Other, an examination of America’s deep polarization and idea of its own exceptionalism. 92nd Street Y.

Tuesday, June 20: Spend a cultural night out at Night at the Museums, an evening of free admission and special offerings at 15 of lower Manhattan’s museums and historic sites.

Wednesday, June 21: Dig deeper into a portrait of genius with an NYU professor’s session on Albert Einstein (he’ll employ Einstein’s thought experiment techniques so his thinking can be understood with a minimum of mathematics). New York Institute of Technology.

Lissa Rivera, Motel, Virginia. Image courtesy of the artist and ClampArt, NY

Thursday, June 22: Expose yourself to the work of artist Lissa Rivera and her muse BJ Lillis at this conversation about their new work “Beautiful Boy.” New York Public Library – Mid-Manhattan Library.

Friday, June 23: Head through the concrete jungle of Manhattan to Man’s Separation from Nature and Where to Go from Here, an event with philosopher Manuel Rodeiro on our unsustainable relationship with nature. The Strand.

Saturday, June 24: See the final resting place of numerous famed New Yorkers on this tour of Green-Wood Cemetery.

Sunday, June 25: Explore a little-known Art Deco gem at this behind-the-scenes tour of Temple Emanu-El, one of the world’s largest synagogues. Temple Emanu-El.

Monday, June 26: It’s in the stars that you’ll attend this introduction to the world of astrology. Brainery Annex.

Tuesday, June 27: The pen is mightier than the sword at Weaponizing Words, which examines the art of letter writing as an act of activism. Nowadays.

Wednesday, June 28: Go beyond the news and challenge stereotypes at Who Is Muslim?, a panel discussion with Muslim-American men and women. Brooklyn Historical Society.

Thursday, June 29: Separate fact from fiction at Real/Fake Science, an interactive salon filled with “alternative facts” and fascinating truths. Union Hall.

Friday, June 30: Look into “the psychic and social ramifications of being a question” on a night dedicated to the fairer sex. Follow evolving perceptions through democratic revolutions, Victorian reform, and market capitalism, and forward to American female suffrage. The Strand.

For a printable PDF of the June 2017 calendar, click here.

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