The August Calendar: Events for Each Day This Month

By Alison Durkee

August has arrived in New York City, and though summer may be entering its final days, there are still plenty of ways to see it out in style. Spend your final weeks of the NYC summer with these daily events spanning everything from the history of ice cream to the Industrial Revolution.

Tuesday, August 1: Don’t wait ’til Late Night to see comedian Seth Meyers in conversation with Senator and fellow Saturday Night Live alum Al Franken. The Cooper Union.

Wednesday, August 2: Hear from the only person who’s been at the top of the planet’s tallest peak and also gone to space. Dr. Scott Parazynski speaks about his adventures, the current state of NASA, and the future of private space efforts. The Explorers Club.

Thursday, August 3: Be quick to catch Vanishing New York, a book launch and conversation with author Jeremiah Moss lamenting the city’s ever-changing nature. powerHouse Arena.

Friday, August 4: Reach for the stars at the Intrepid’s Family Astronomy Night featuring MiMi Aung, who serves as the project manager for the Mars Helicopter. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

Saturday, August 5: Relive one of Hollywood’s darker moments at this lecture on the Hollywood blacklist that plagued the industry during the Cold War. New York Public Library–St. Agnes Library.

Sunday, August 6: Take the tram to Roosevelt Island for this tour exploring the island’s rather quirky architecture. AIANY Tours.

Monday, August 7: Go just beyond the river bend for this screening of Disney’s Pocahontas and a conversation on how it’s historically missed the mark. Brooklyn Historical Society.

Tuesday, August 8: Brush up on space dust as Cosmic Dust Curator Jon Larsen and NASA’s Dr. Michael Zolensky talk about extraterrestrial particles found right here at home. White Space at Agora Gallery.

Wednesday, August 9: Find inspiration at this session delving into the science of creativity and how to find your creative spark. New York Institute of Technology.

Thursday, August 10: Spice things up at this lecture on J. Ranji Smile, the original “celebrity chef” who impacted American cuisine by introducing curry to the masses at the turn of the century. Brooklyn Historical Society.

Friday, August 11: Get double the information at Think Olio’s double feature day of events, featuring both a look at modern art and the work/life balance of female artists, along with an examination of how the modern-day “gig economy” is upending the American dream. The Strand.

Saturday, August 12: Head down to the water for this tour of Brooklyn’s waterfront from Newtown Creek to Sunset Park.

Sunday, August 13: Discover a 19th century gem inside Prospect Park on this behind the scenes look at the Lefferts Historic House.

Monday, August 14: Blink along with the 35,000 original drawings that make up NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century, a new film projected along with live musical improvisations. Hudson River Park.

Tuesday, August 15: Lend an ear to the memoir of a Colombian painter and intellectual (The Book of Emma Reyes) during an evening with writer Daniel Alarcon. Book Culture on Columbus.

Wednesday, August 16: Delve into American history at this event on the conflict between Gen. MacArthur and former President Harry Truman. Bryant Park/Bryant Park Reading Room.

Thursday, August 17: Find a tonic at this talk on the remarkable history of gin. Prospect Heights Brainery.

Friday, August 18: Celebrate the Fighting Irish at this screening of The Fighting 69th, which centers on New York City’s 69th Infantry Regiment during World War I. New-York Historical Society.

Saturday, August 19: Explore the city from the bottom up on this vertical tour of Riverside Church, the tallest church in the country. New York Adventure Club.

Sunday, August 20: Hop the trolley on this tour of Green-Wood Cemetery and discover the famed New Yorkers who have come there to rest.

Monday, August 21: Catch the upcoming solar eclipse in spectacular fashion by attending the Hayden Planetarium’s special gathering for the celestial event. American Museum of Natural History.

Tuesday, August 22: Don’t feel guilty about attending this event on the entertainment-industrial complex and the effect our fantastical guilty pleasures have on our real-world lives. Nowadays.

Wednesday, August 23: Commercialize your care at this talk with Nancy Tomes, author of Remaking the American Patient: How Madison Avenue and Modern Medicine Turned Patients into Consumers. Bryant Park/Bryant Park Reading Room.

Still from “Nas Album Done,” by DJ Khaled ft. Nas, directed by Eif Rivera; © 2016 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Thursday, August 24: Groove to the beat at this music video screening featuring the work of Eif Rivera, who’s created videos for Nas, Nicki Minaj, and more. Brooklyn Museum.

Friday, August 25: Give your regards to Broadway at this screening of Yankee Doodle Dandy, the 1942 classic starring James Cagney as song-and-dance icon George M. Cohan. New-York Historical Society.

Saturday, August 26: Take a local look at the Industrial Revolution on this tour of the Dutch Kills tributary, once known as the “workshop of the United States.”

Sunday, August 27: Grab your chopsticks to discover Chinatown and its gritty past on a tour of the neighborhood and its hidden eats. New York Adventure Club.

Monday, August 28: Feel the Bern as the most popular politician in America comes to town in support of his forthcoming book, the Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution. As a counterpoint to the “American carnage” narrative, Sanders has created a manual for young adults that provides a more inspirational approach to change, organization, and navigating the labyrinth of government. The Riverside Church.

Tuesday, August 29: Fall in love scientifically at this session exploring the science of relationships, including an exercise involving the famed “36 Questions” designed to make two people fall in love. Prospect Heights Brainery.

Wednesday, August 30: Get a new look at one of history’s most famous First Ladies at this event with Eric Burns, author of Someone to Watch Over Me: A Portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt and the Tortured Father Who Shaped Her Life. Bryant Park/Bryant Park Reading Room.

Thursday, August 31: Scream for this talk on the history of ice cream in America and New York City–complete with a post-talk sundae party. Museum of Food and Drink.

For a printable PDF of the August 2017 calendar, click here.

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